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Click to enlargeLeon Aubert Violin Outfit with Trade-In Guarantee

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These photos are representative.  Each instrument has its own unique wood pattern.  Click on photo to see larger image.

Get a FREE Cherub Violin/Guitar Tuner ($26.50 list price value) when you buy this violin.  You can keep your violin always in tune with this violin tuner.  For more information about the tuner, please following the link to Cherub Chromatic Violin/Guitar Tuner (WST-500A)(You will not see the tuner added when you place the order on the web site.  The tuner will be added automatically when the order is processed and it will appear on the invoice.)

This is our best priced European violin.  Completely handcrafted in Romania, this violin is made with high quality wood and excellent workmanship. Sound characteristics are warm and projectory - very desirable for playing in the orchestra. The solid workmanship on this violin also makes it a very stable instrument and is less susceptible to temperature and humidity changes.

The violin outfit also comes with an octagonal Brazilwood bow and a suspension case.  The octagonal bow is made out of professional grade Brazilwood with Mongolian horsehair providing great sound volume and playability.  The case is a light weight suspension design providing utmost protection to the violin.  It also features backpack design, multiple accessory compartments, and full length music pocket.  These features make carrying violin to lesson, school or orchestra practice easy.

This violin outfit comes with our 10-Day Monday Back Guarantee and Trade-In Guarantee.  

  • The 10-Day Monday Back Guarantee allows you to evaluate the violin in the comfort of your own home before making a purchase.  For details, please click on the link 10-Day Money Back Guarantee.  

  • The Trade-In Guarantee allows trading in for a bigger size or better violin at only a fraction of the cost.  For details, please click on the link Trade-In Guarantee.


  • Features fully graduated solid spruce violin top, maple violin back, sides, neck, and scroll - no cheaper laminated wood or hardwood used on this violin

  • Real inlaid purfling on both the violin top and back

  • Tuning pegs are made out of ebony wood for trouble-free tuning. Ebony is preferred over hardwood since it is more stable and less likely to slip causing violin to go out of tune. 

  • Fingerboard is also made out of ebony for solid playability. The hardness of ebony wood protects the fingerboard from denting by the fingernail. Dents on the fingerboard make it very difficult to play the violin in tune.

  • Ebony tailpiece and nut provides stability to string intonation

  • 4 string adjusters (fine tuners) and steel strings

  • Fully fitted maple bridge

  • Made in Romania

  • Available in 4/4, 3/4, and 1/2 sizes


  • The bow comes with octagonal stick made out of professional grade Brazilwood providing stability, playability and control.

  • The bow comes with professional grade Mongolian horsehair providing sound volume and projection.

  • Ebony frog, silver winding, and leather grip

  • 1 large rosin with wooden holder


The 4/4 size violin comes with the case as shown in the picture above.  The case comes with deluxe 4-point suspension design, detachable blanket, 3 accessory compartments, 2 shoulder straps,  and full length music pocket.  With the 2 shoulder straps, you can carry the case comfortably like a backpack freeing up your hands.  You can also carry the case over the shoulder with one shoulder strap. 

The case comes with many protection features for the violin: deluxe 4-point suspension cushions, neck strap, blanket, and soft neck cushion.  These features are designed to ensure that your violin is well protected inside the case.

No longer do you need to carry multiple bags for music lessons or orchestra practices.  This case has room for everything.  In addition to holding violin and bow, the case has a large accessory compartment for shoulder rest, rosin, and strings.  2 other compartments can store smaller items.  A full length outside music pocket can hold a lot of music and other accessories.  

  • Well padded sturdy case with nylon cover for protection against rain or drink spills.
  • Deluxe 4-point suspension cushion design - soft cushions for lower, upper, tailpiece, and neck areas of the violin absorb shocks and movements during transit and accidental drop.
  • French fitting interior protects violin from excessive movement while in transit
  • Covered Velcro neck strap and soft neck support hold the violin securely from movement
  • A full size plush blanket protects the violin against loose bows.   The Velcro straps ensures the blanket stays on top of the violin even during transit.
  • 3 bow holders
  • 1 large accessory compartment for storing shoulder rest, rosin, strings, etc. (4-1/4" Width, 8-1/2" Length,  2-3/4" Depth) plus 2 small accessory compartments for storing smaller items (2-1/2" Width, 2-1/2" Length, 2-3/4" Depth).
  • Full length large outside music pocket (10" Width by 31" Length) for holding lots of music and accessories.  
  • 2 adjustable shoulder straps are included.
  • Subway strap (end handle) - this handle allows the violin to be carried in the upright position with one hand.  Very convenient while in the subway and bus.
  • Multiple anchors allow you to carry the case in the most comfortable position
  • Note: The case lock has a key hole but is cosmetic only and not functional hence the case does not come with a key for the case lock.
  • Black exterior and dark green felt lining interior
  • Case dimensions: 31" Length, 10" Width,  6" Height
  • Weight: 4 lb 8 oz

The 3/4 and 1/2 size violins come with the following case:

Click on photo to see larger image.

The wood hardshell case provides protection strength for the violin stored inside it.  The solid construction of the case ensures uncompromising case integrity in the event of accidentally placing heavy load on top of case and protecting violin's most vulnerable parts.

The interior of the case comes with 2 safety designs: neck strap and cushion for lower area of the violin.  The neck strap and cushion both keep the violin from excessive movement while in transit.

In addition to holding violin and bow, the case has an accessory compartment for rosin, strings and other small items.  It also has room to store the shoulder rest.  The shoulder strap offers the option of carrying the case over your shoulder and making carrying violin to lesson, school, or orchestra no longer a chore.

  • Heavy duty case cover with canvas for long wear, durability and protection against rain or drink spills.
  • Safety design - Velcro neck strap and large soft cushion for lower area of the violin to absorb shock and movement during transit and accidental drop
  • Velcro flap under handle for securing the case in one action
  • 2 bow holders
  • Violin neck/head area is large enough to hold shoulder rest
  • 1 accessory compartment for storing rosin, strings, etc. (3" Width by 3-1/2" Length by 2-1/2" Depth) 
  • 1 adjustable shoulder strap is included.  The shoulder strap is 1-1/2" wide, making it very comfortable to use.
  • Black exterior and ivory plush felt lining interior
  • Weight: 5 lb 3 oz
  • For 3/4 and 1/2 size violins

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