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Click to enlargeCherub Digital Classic Metronome/Tuner (WMT-220) - Black

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Cherub's innovative and revolutionary design makes this MetroTuner's (metronome and tuner combo) look the only thing that is traditional.  Cherub continues to outpace its competitions by designing this world's most sophisticated metronome and tuner combo device.  This MetroTuner is packed with revolutionary features not found in any other device on the market.  It is one of the several Cherub models that contains the most sophisticated tempo and rhythm management system in the world.

Built to look like a classic metronome, this device is far from being traditional.  It combines the functions of metronome and chromatic tuner into one.  The metronome function contains volume control, beat simulation with Cherub's revolutionary technology for visual sensing of tempo, voice beat counting, measure counting, beat selection, measure setting, ritardando, and rhythm selection.  The chromatic tuner function can tune all 12 notes between A1 to A6.

Metronome Features - Like all Cherub metronomes, this metronome features one of the widest range of beat and rhythm settings on the market.  The beat and rhythm patterns are highlighted by the chime and clave sounds.  It has 7 beat (time signature) options.  This helps to highlight strong beats in the music.  For example, if there are 2 beats in a measure, the first beat will be strong while the second will be weak.  It has 14 different rhythms including duplet, triplet, quadruplet.   It has another 6 more rhythms sounded by voice.  The beat settings, the rhythm settings, combine with the voice rhythm settings creates the most powerful tool that can fulfill any rhythmic requirement you may have.  Perfect for helping students to learn sophisticated rhythm patterns.

The voice rhythm feature on the metronome is another innovation for the market.  The metronome voices the beats based on the time-signature.  For example, when the time-signature is 3/4 and the voice rhythm is set to 1/4 note, the metronome will voice "One, Two, Three, One Two, Three...".  If the voice rhythm is set to 2 1/8 notes, the metronome will voice "One And, Two And, Three And, One And, Two And, Three And...".  This creates a tremendous help for students who are learning rhythm and counting.

Unlike most of Cherub metronomes, this metronome takes rhythm training to the next level.  This metronome allows you to set the number of bars (measures) you would like the metronome to beat: from 2 to 200 bars.  You can also set the number of pre-beats.  For example, for 3/4 time-signature, the pre-beat can be set to 3, 2, or 1 weak beats.  Metronome will then play the number of pre-beats in weak tone before the first strong beat that signalizes the beginning of the music.  Additionally, you can also set the ending of the last bar.  For example, with 3/4 time-signature, the last bar can end with 3, 2, or 1 beats.  Furthermore, you can also set the ending to have ritardando which will slow down the tempo at the last bar.

The metronome also features Cherub's revolutionary visualization for beat simulation.  Unlike a traditional metronome where the pendulum swings side to side, Cherub's new technology simulates the ups and downs of the taping motion of a hand while counting beats.  This is done through a bank of LEDs.  This metronome contains a large bank of LEDs making the beat motion very visible.  Additionally, it also simulates a strong beat with a bigger motion, a medium beat with a lesser motion, and a weak beat with the least amount of motion.  The metronome also features measure visualization.  It has a counter to indicate how many measures have elapsed based on the time signature.

The metronome also comes with volume control.  It produce the loudest sound for metronomes on the market.  The volume control allows the metronome to be used even with loud instruments.  The metronome also comes with an output jack for earphone which will help deliver the sound into your ears without the interference of background noise.  This metronome can also be used with a DC power supply so you don't have to rely on battery.

Tuner Features - As with all Cherub tuners, this model offers supremely accurate tuning and fast response time.  This tuner combines the best of the 3 technological worlds of digital VU meter, LCD and LED.  Digital VU meter style offers the most accurate response to tuning, perfect for precise tuning.  LED tuning guides offers the easiest visual tuning indication.  And LCD offers the best readout of tuner operation.

This chromatic tuner can tune all 12 notes.  The # and b mode of the tuner allows the half notes to be displayed all in # or in b.  This is used as a preference by instrumentalists.  The tuner features a very easy to read digital display and easy to use button operation.  The display registers the note name and mode automatically.

The device has a built-in mic but also comes with a precision pickup for improved acoustic tuning.  For string instruments (violin, viola, cello, and bass), the pickup can be clipped onto the bridge or any part of the instrument to pick up the sound of the instrument for tuning.  For band instruments, the pickup can also be clipped onto any part of the instrument to pick up sound.  For guitars, the contact microphone can be clipped onto the scroll or any part of the instrument.  

A pickup is better in transmitting sound into the tuner than a built-in mic that always comes with a tuner.  This is because a mic is more likely to pick up background noise that causes interference with the sound from the instrument.  This pickup comes with proper cushion so it will not damage the finish on the instrument.  The clip has a 1-1/2" width range.  This allows the pickup to clip onto any part of the instrument that is as thick as 1-1/2".

This model is very well built to resist damage from accidental drops.

  • One of the most sophisticated tempo and rhythm management system in the world
  • Traditional look with contemporary features
  • Combines metronome and chromatic tuner into one device
  • Tempo range: 40-208 times/minute
  • Variable volume control that produces loudest audible sound on the market
  • Large, 4-1/2" (105mm) long, beat simulation with Cherub's revolutionary technology for visual sensing of tempo
  • Voice counting based on time signature
  • Measure counting indicates how many measures have elapsed
  • Set number of measures to play from 2 to 200 bars
  • Pre-beat setting
  • Bar ending with ritardando option
  • Beat (time signature) selections: -/4(0), 1/4, 2/4, 3/4, 4/4, 3/8, 6/8
  • Primo Rhythm selections: 
  • Secondo Rhythm selections (voice beat counting): 
  • Combines VU meter, LCD displays and LED tuning guides into one easy operation
  • Chromatic Tuning Range: A1 (55 Hz) - A6 (1760 Hz) (including all 12 notes)
  • Pitch Shift with Tone generation: A4 (435 Hz to 445 Hz)
  • # and b mode to display half notes in # or in b
  • Clip-On electronic tuner pickup included
  • Earphone output jack - 2.5 mm (3/32") size diameter (earphone not included)
  • Input jack for power supply - DC 6V (power supply not included)
  • 4 AA batteries included (these batteries are included for initial checking of device operation only.  Not intended for normal device operation.) 
  • For complete product manual, please click here: Cherub Digital Classic Metronome/Tuner (WMT-220) Product Manual
  • Color: Black
  • Size: 3-1/2" (92mm) Width, 7-1/4" (186mm) Height, 2" (58mm) Thickness

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