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Click to enlargePlanet Wave Chordmaster - Hand Held Guitar Chord Computer

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This Planet Waves Chordmaster is one of kind on the market.  It is a computer that contains the quintessential guitar chord library in the palm of your hand.  It's advanced touch screen design is unrivaled in the industry.  The chordmaster contains more than 4,000 chord voicings, left-hand vs.  right-hand, key or root, chord type, and chord variant.  Perfect for beginners learning to play guitar chords and a great reference for advanced guitarists.

Chordmaster contains more than 4,000 chord voicings.  You can choose

  • Key or Root - from C to B, including sharps and flats
  • Chord Type - major, minor, dominant 7th, diminished
  • Chord Variant

These selections provide the vast chords library you can choose from.  Once you have selected the chord of choice, Chordmaster displays the positions of your fingers as they should be on the guitar.  It provides the fingering reading (0-thumb, 1-index, 2-middle, 3-ring, 4-pinky).  Optional notes are marked with blinking circle while X indicates string is to be muted and 0 indicates string is played open.  There is also an indicator to show the number of frets from the nut the chord to be played.  With Chordmaster, finding the chord and playing it is very easy.

Chordmaster can also be set to display the chords for a right-handed guitarist or a left-handed guitarist.  This allows you to choose the most appropriate chord style and position to use.  The touch screen LCD design allows you to search and view the chord library all on the screen without any confusing buttons.  This design also keeps the Chordmaster small.

All in all, this is an incredible innovation.  Chordmaster obviously is an invaluable tool for beginners learning to play guitar, it is also an indispensable device for expert guitarists.

  • Requires 2 AAA batteries (not included)
  • Clip on the back allows you to clip Chordmaster onto stand and other places for ease of reading and usage
  • Color: Black
  • Size: 3" Height, 2-1/2" Width, 3/4" to 1-1/8" Thickness

Below is an example of the chord variations available in the key of C using Chordmaster.

Key or Root C
Chord Variant C Major C minor C7 C13+9 C o7
C Major 7 C minor 7 C9 C7b9 C o7add9
C Major 9 C minor 9 C7 sus4 C13b9 C o7add11
C add 9 C minor 11 C9 sus4 C7+9+5 C oaddb13
C sus4 C minor 13 C13 sus4 C13+9+5 C o7 maj7
C 6 C minor 6 C13 C7b9b5  
C 6/9 C minor 6/9 C+5 C13b9b5  
C Major 7-6 C minor 7b5 C7+5 C7+9b5  
C Major 7 6/9 C minor 9b5 C9+5 C7b9+5  
C Major 7+11 C minor 11b5 C13+5 C7+5b5  
C Major 7+5 C minor 13b5 C7b5 C13+9b9  
C inversions C minor 7b6 C9b5    
  C minor 9b6 C13b5    
  C minor 11b6 C7+9    
  C minor maj7      
  C minor maj9      

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