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Click to enlargeWittner Classic Wooden Metronome with Bell (6411)

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Made with over 100 year of experience, this beautiful Wittner classic metronome has both quality and elegance.  This metronome is made with beautiful mahogany color wood casing.  It also comes with a matching color wood cover (not shown in the picture).  It uses solid spring mechanism precision-engineered for a reliable, accurate performance.  The pendulum motion offers great visual tempo cues.  The metronome comes with a beat setting function where a bell ring sounds for the downbeat between 0-6 beats.  This helps highlighting the strong beat and is very instrumental when playing a piece of music.  This metronome is also ideal for gift.

  • Adjustable beat settings (0-6) with bell ring on the downbeat
  • Traditional metronome that produces loud clicking sound
  • Pendulum motion provides visual sensing of tempo
  • Tempo range / 40-208
  • Metronome cover has locking mechanism for protecting metronome mechanism while not in use
  • Does not require battery.  Uses winding mechanism to power the metronome.
  • Color and Style: Wood Matte Finish in Mahogany color
  • Size: 4-1/2" Length in each base side, 8-1/4" Height
  • Note: During transport, the winding key is located on the bottom of the case.

( ~~ REGULAR LIST PRICE: $215.95 ~~ )

MET-6411Music Basics Price: $183.19On Sale For: $163.25

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