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Gift Ideas

This page is dedicated to give you information about getting music items as gifts.  A gift is only a good idea when the recipient can enjoy it.  Hence, here we provide practicality and usage information about musical items.  Of course, don't forget about the surprise element of a gift.

Music Gifts
Gift Reasoning Suggestions
For music lovers, music gifts are always the favorite.  There are many categories to consider: coffee mugs, desktop clocks, keychains, music/jewelry boxes, photo frames, stationery, umbrellas.

Music boxes have always been the most popular for non-musician music lovers.

If you are a teacher, small music items make the perfect gift for rewarding your students: pencils, pens, pencil sharpeners, etc.

All Music Gifts

Coffee Mugs

Desktop Clocks


Music/Jewelry Boxes

Photo Frames




Gift Reasoning Suggestions
A stand is used to hold up the music to the right height during practice or performance.  Hence, every player (professional or non-professional) needs a stand - except piano players since every piano come with a built-in stand.

There are 2 types of stands - folding type and orchestra type.  Folding stands are light weight stands that can be folded for travel.  This is perfect for players (professional and non-professional) who need to travel with a stand, for example, to gigs, practice room, or to give lessons.  When getting a folding stand as a gift, if it is intended to be used for travel, a stand carrying bag is also recommended.

Orchestra stands are better stands that are a lot more durable.  Since all orchestras use this type of stands because of durability and ease of use, that is how it derived its name from.  However, they are not usually used for travel since they are heavier.  This type of stands can make a good gift for every player (professional and non-professional).  Even for players who already have a folding stand at home, an orchestra stand would be a good gift to replace the folding stand since it holds a lot more music, is more durable and is easier to use.

Music players generally do not need more than 1 stand unless each stand serves a very different purpose, i.e. an orchestra stand for home and a folding stand for travel.

All Music Stands

Manhasset Orchestra Stand (M48)

Belmonte Standard Orchestra Stand (4050)

Hamilton Folding Stand, 3-sections (600N)

Belmonte Folding Stand, 3-sections (2050N)

Hamilton Folding Stand, 2-sections (400N)

Belmonte Folding Stand, 2-sections (1050N)

Folding Stand Carrying Bag

Gift Reasoning Suggestions
A metronome is a device used to count beats and help keeping tempo steady while playing a song.   Everyone who is learning music, young or old always needs a metronome to practice with.  Hence if the person does not already have one, you can always get him/her one as a gift.

If the person already has one, you will need to consider whether he/she needs to travels with the metronome.  If he/she travels to a practice room, to have lessons, or to give lessons, a small and light weight metronome is easier to carry.  With this additional more portable metronome, the person can use his/her current metronome at home and use the small/light metronome while traveling.  A music teacher who travels to give lessons would greatly benefit from a light weight metronome. 

If the person does not travel with the instrument, you can consider buying a better metronome than the one he/she currently has.  A key feature to consider when buying a better metronome is volume control.  Many times, the sound of the instrument covers up the sound of the metronome, hence making hearing the metronome sound while playing difficult.  A metronome with volume control can increase the volume of its sound. 

Music players generally do not need more than 1 good metronome unless they serve different purposes like the ones mentioned above. 

All Metronomes

Small/Light Weight Metronomes

Metronomes with Volume Control

Metronome/Tuner Combo

Seiko Chromatic Tuner and Metronome Combo (SMP20)

Gift Reasoning Suggestions
A tuner is for tuning the instrument.  Unlike piano and keyboard, all string instruments need to be tuned each time before they are played.  A tuner can also be used to practice intonation, which is critical in string instruments.

There are 2 types of tuners: chromatic and instrumental.  A chromatic tuner will tune to any note including sharps and flats.  Therefore, a single chromatic tuner will tune virtually any instrument (except piano).  An instrumental tuner tunes only the open string notes for that instrument.  For example: Guitar - E, A, D, G, B, E. 

A tuner can make a good gift when the person does not know how to tune the instrument by ear yet.  The tuner can then help keeping the instrument in tune.  Hence, for non-professional strings (violin, viola, cello, bass) players (non music-major students and amateurs), a tuner would make a good gift.  For professional strings (violin, viola, cello, bass) musicians (teachers, music-major students, and orchestra players), a tuner is not a good gift idea.  However, for guitar players (professional or non-professional), a good tuner packed with features makes a good gift since guitar players tend to rely on tuners to tune their instrument.

When getting a tuner as a gift, it would also be good to get a tuner pickup with it.  The tuner usually picks up the tone of the instrument through its built-in microphone.  However, this tone can sometimes be interfered by other sounds.  A tuner pickup is used to attach to the instrument to pick up the tone directly.  This results in cleaner sound being received by the tuner and producing a faster tuner response time. 

For guitar players who travels to gigs and performances, a small light-weight tuner would also make a perfect gift.

All Tuners

Chromatic Tuners - for all instruments

Guitar/Bass Tuners

Wind Instruments Tuners

Violin/Viola/Cello Tuners

Tuner Pickups

Metronome/Tuner Combo

Seiko Chromatic Tuner and Metronome Combo (SMP20)


Violin Case
Gift Reasoning Suggestions
A case is used to store, protect and transport an instrument.  Everyone playing a strings instrument needs and mostly already has a case.   Hence, buying a case as a gift would usually be for the replacement of the old one.  

In general, any new case would make a good gift.  If the recipient has been using the same instrument for a couple of years, he/she can use a new case.

If the recipient travels with the instrument, there are 4 features to consider: shoulder strap/subway strap, light weight, multi-suspension and music pocket.  A case with shoulder strap and/or subway strap (end-handle) make carrying the case a whole lot easier especially in the bus and subway.  A light weight case lessens the load to carry.  A case with multi-suspension feature protects the instrument from breakage in an accidental drop.  In addition, it prevents the instrument from movements during travel.  A music pocket on the case can store enough music for the trip without having to carry the music in another bag.  Hence, even if the recipient's case is not worn, a travel-friendly case is a good idea for someone who travels with the instrument.

Strings players generally do not need more than 1 case for 1 instrument unless each case serves a very different purpose.

All Violin Cases

Cases with Subway Strap

Deluxe Pro Violin Case

Deluxe Oblong Violin Case

Premium Oblong Violin Case

Light Weight Violin Shape Case

Other cases

Ultra Pro Arch Violin Case

Deluxe Arch Violin Case 

Canvas Covered Violin-Shape Case

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