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Click to enlargeMusician Student Left Handed Model 3/4 Electric Guitar 10 Watt Package - Sunburst (GE-211-3/4-SB 10 Watt Package)

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If your child is left handed, this electric guitar is perfect for him/her. This is our best priced left-handed electric guitar package.

No longer does your child need to adjust himself/herself to use a guitar that is made for a right handed person. This electric guitar is perfect for beginners who are left handed. Because it is designed specifically for people who are left handed, it makes learning and playing the guitar that much easier.

This complete beginner's package has everything a beginner needs to get started.  It comes with a high quality electric guitar, a guitar bag, a guitar tuner, a guitar strap, a set of spare strings, a music book suitable for beginners, and a music stand.

This 3/4 size guitar is perfect for kids 9-10 years old to start learning.  The lower action on the guitar and the light gauge strings are easier for kids to learn to play and not placing too much pressure on their small fingers.

Here is the complete list of items included in this package.  You can click on the links to see the detail about each item.

For beginners, it is also very useful to watch and learn.  The following is our most popular guitar learning video.  The video shows in great detail how to play the guitar.  It is not included in the package.

( ~~ REGULAR LIST PRICE: $441.05 ~~ )

GE-211-3-4-SB-PackageMusic Basics Price: $425.50On Sale For: $210.00

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