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Click to enlargeJohnson Concert Electric Guitar - Black (JS-210-B)

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These photos are representative.  Each instrument has its own unique wood pattern.  Click on photo to see larger image.

Get a FREE Cherub Guitar/Bass Tuner ($16.50 value) when you buy this guitar package.  You can keep your guitar always in tune with this guitar tuner, perfect for beginners.  For more information about this tuner, please following the link to Cherub Digital Guitar/Bass Tuner (WST-520GB)(You will not see the tuner added when you place the order on the web site.  The tuner will be added automatically when the order is processed and it will appear on the invoice.)

This electric guitar is designed to reproduce the classic electric guitar sounds from the 60's.  A thicker body is used to help produce that beefy tone associated with the glory days of the guitar.  It also comes with a humbucker pickup and a beautiful pearloid pickguard available only in much more expensive guitars.  This guitar outclasses any others in this price range.

This double cutaway guitar comes with diecast chrome tuning machines to allow for easy tuning and help keep the guitar in tune.  The neck is made from one piece of solid maple, with an inlaid rosewood neck stripe to give it a classy look.  The one piece neck design with solid maple ensures overall guitar integrity and adds to tuning stability.  Computer cut, nickel/silver frets are used for high consistency and are well dressed.  Premium quality electronics are used on this electric guitar including high-gain pickups for a better tone, and sealed pots that won't collect dust and deteriorate.  The bridge is modeled after the vintage fulcrum bridges and has 6 adjustable saddles for controlling intonation on the guitar.  A tremolo bar is also included for special sound effect.  A premium quality instrument cable (10 ft.) also comes with this electric guitar.  This cable allows you to plug the electric guitar into an amplifier or a guitar tuner.

The body of the guitar is made from solid alder and has a beautiful translucent high gloss finish.  Alder wood is the preferred wood for making the electric guitar solid body.  It has the richest tone, characterized by lots of fat lows and well-defined mids.  Alder is a light wood, which makes it more comfortable for long gigs, and it has a lot of sustain.  It is one of the original woods used for solid body guitars.  And a much better wood for guitar making compare to poplar and basswood.

This guitar also comes with a beautiful pearloid pickguard.  Pearloid pickguard is usually only found on custom and more expensive guitars.  It adds a professional touch and enhances the overall aesthetic of the guitar.

This guitar also features a humbucking pickup, also called humbucker.  A humbucking pickup is a pair of 2 pickups with opposing polarities.  This gives them a noise (hum) canceling effect, thus called "humbucking" or humbuckers.  Humbucking pickups are generally known for having a thicker sound than a single coil pickup.  They are equally good for both clean, low-volume playing and ear-splitting distortion. 

This electric guitar also solves every guitar beginner's biggest nightmare - guitar going out-of-tune.  This guitar comes with premium quality tuning machines ensuring the guitar will stay in-tune and tuning is easy, smooth and trouble free.  This electric guitar is perfect for beginners to start with.  

This electric guitar is made with premium quality material and great craftsmanship.  It comes with a 5-Year Limited Warranty from the manufacturer against defects in material and workmanship.  Given its overall quality and sound characteristic, this guitar is a bargain.

  • Guitar body is made out of solid alder for rich tone - alder is the preferred wood for making electric guitar body

  • One piece maple neck with rosewood neck stripe -  ensures overall guitar integrity and tuning stability

  • High quality diecast tuning machines (also referred to as tuning pegs, tuning keys and tuners) ensure tuning stability and tuning is easy, smooth and trouble free

  • Rosewood fretboard with nickel/silver frets

  • 1 humbucking pickup in the bridge position for noise canceling effect and a thicker sound

  • 2 single coil pickups provide total sound capture and transmission to amplifier 

  • A beautiful pearloid pickguard

  • 5 position pickup selector allows for optimal sound control

  • 2 tone and 1 volume controls provide you with uncompromised command of the guitar sound effect 

  • Vintage fulcrum bridge with adjustable saddles for perfect intonation control

  • A tremolo bar (also referred to as tremolo arm and whammy bar) is included for special sound effect

  • Inlaid position markers, making it very easy to identify position

  • Fitted with light gauge steel strings that are easier on beginner's fingers

  • A 10 foot premium quality instrument cable is included.  This cable is used to connect the electric guitar to an amplifier or a guitar tuner.  This instrument cables has extra insulation and EM shielding that keep other signals from interfering with the sound of the guitar.

  • 5-Year Limited Warranty from the manufacturer against defects in material and workmanship 

  • Made in China and shop adjusted in USA

  • High gloss finish

  • Color: Metallic Black

  • Guitar is full size.  Guitar length is 39".

( ~~ REGULAR LIST PRICE: $269.00 ~~ )

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